Be careful of drying! The rebirth of the skin is also a point

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 when the amount of sweat and sebum increases due to the rise in temperature and humidity. At first glance, it tends to feel moist, but it's a big enemy! Ultraviolet rays, sweat, coolers, etc. tend to reduce the moisturizing function of the skin surface and cause dryness. Wiping the sweat can accelerate the drying process.

Skin that has been exposed to dryness is unknowingly deprived of water, leaving the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin unable to retain water. If the skin does not have enough water, the moisturizing ingredients that the skin originally creates cannot be made well, and the barrier function of the skin also deteriorates. As a result, skin problems may occur.

Because, if the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin continues to lack water, our skin will quickly create new cells to repair the damaged stratum corneum. It sounds like a very nice feature, but the rush of turnover (skin renewal cycle) to protect the skin causes more and more immature cells to be created ... In the end, the imperfect stratum corneum makes it difficult to keep water, and the skin becomes rough again ... which leads to a negative spiral.

In other words, even in the midsummer season, which is often thought to be unrelated to dryness, we want to focus on moisturizing care in order to create healthy skin.

Do you feel this on your skin in August?

In August, when exposed to strong UV rays, excessive melanin is produced, and "sunburn, age spots and freckles" become noticeable. Also, if you continue to be exposed to ultraviolet rays, collagen inside the skin will be damaged and some people may be worried about "lack of elasticity". Due to the excessive secretion of sebum from the heat, there are many problems such as "stickiness", "opening of pores", "acne", and "makeup breakage". In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to "skin stuffiness and heat" caused by wearing a mask this summer.

4 items of care at this time

 1. Basic moisturizing care is complete

Because it is the time when you feel sticky, you tend to fall into a "dry" state without noticing the deterioration of the moisturizing barrier function on the skin surface. In an air-conditioned room, the humidity drops to the level of midwinter in just one hour. Care with "toner" that prepares soft and fluffy skin and "milky lotion" that keeps moisture is not neglected. For those who are concerned about stickiness, it is also recommended to select a refreshing type. Please update the usage and items of "milky lotion", which you tend to avoid at this time, and aim for perfect care.

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2. Protects skin from UV rays

Excessive exposure to UV rays or prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn and its effects will appear on the skin. For example, if you take UV-A, which is also called "living ultraviolet rays", for about an hour, a little black remains. If you continue to take it for a longer period of time, it may cause wrinkles and sag. When you enjoy the outdoors during summer vacation, please be sure to take measures against UV rays with the perfect item. Incorporate sunscreen items when you're out and in the room.

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3. Makeup repair before it collapses

If your makeup is broken by sweat or sebum, even if you use an item that contains sunscreen, it may not be effective. Review your base makeup items and make frequent makeup changes to prevent UV rays.

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4. Keeps skin cool and comfortable

When you wear a mask, your skin feels stuffy and you feel hotter than usual. In such a case, it is recommended to use a sheet mask that feels cool and comfortable. By lowering the temperature of the skin and keeping the skin cool, you can control the heat and sweat well.

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If you choose a sheet mask that has high moisturizing power and can prevent spots and freckles, ◎. Not only does it take care of dryness and UV rays, but it also improves the adhesiveness of makeup, so you can prevent makeup from collapsing and take care of all skin damage in the summer.