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12 articles for a good night's sleep

  • 1. Sleep time is different for each person. Enough if you don't have daytime sleepiness
  • 2. Avoid stimulants and use your own relaxation method before going to sleep
  • 3. Go to bed after getting sleepy
  • 4. Wake up every day at the same time
  • 5. When you wake up, let in sunlight and keep the night lights modest.
  • 6. Regular 3 meals and regular exercise habits
  • 7. 20-30 minutes before 3 pm if you take a nap
  • 8. When you sleep lightly, you can dare to keep early hours and get tired.
  • 9. Be careful of severe snoring, sticking of your feet, and a feeling of stuffiness.
  • 10. If you sleep well but feel sleepy during the day, consult a specialist.
  • 11. Nightcap instead of sleeping pills is a source of insomnia
  • 12. It is safe to use sleeping pills correctly according to the doctor's instructions.

Autumn is the time to prevent ticks

In autumn, more and more people get worse with allergic symptoms such as asthma and atopic dermatitis. This is because mite droppings and carcasses that breed during the summer accumulate in the house. We asked an expert how to effectively clean the room and care for the bedding.

Prevent accidental ingestion of medicine by children

There is no end to the accidental ingestion of medicine by babies and children. Depending on the ingredients and amount, it may cause serious health damage. I want to thoroughly prevent accidental ingestion at home, such as putting the medicine in a closed container and keeping it out of the reach of children. Introducing the points to prevent accidental ingestion and the efforts of pharmaceutical companies.

  • Sleep apnea syndrome in children
  • Toddler, how to blow your nose
  • Perennial nasal allergy
  • Food allergies
  • Food allergies "eat and cure" carefully
  • Migraine treatment expanding options

Be careful about food allergies "eat and cure". Healing is less than half. From a study by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. How to distinguish allergic rhinitis/pollinosis, colds, and influenza. Explains the differences in causes and symptoms, examination methods, and treatment methods.

Watch out for otitis media during the cold season

In winter, more and more children will get otitis media from the cold. We will explain the treatment and prevention methods for acute otitis media and serious glue ear, which are especially common in children.

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