Hairdresser teaches women's hair loss causes, prevention, and coping strategies

Hair Loss

Currently, there are 22 million men and women who suffer from thinning hair. However, the current situation is that most people have not taken the cause and countermeasures. There are some causes of hair loss that are biased toward men and women, but here we have summarized the causes of hair loss that can be caused by women and their countermeasures. Hair loss and thinning hair tend to be seen more often in men, but recently, more and more women are worried about hair loss. There are many possible causes, not just one, but women's hair loss may be improved by reviewing their daily habits. First of all, let's know the cause of hair loss and take measures according to the cause.

Three major causes of hair loss in women and other causes

1. Causes of hair loss  Hair loss due to the disordered hair cycle

The average amount of hair that can be removed in a day, regardless of gender, is "50 to 150". After brushing, during shampoo, at the bedside when waking up in the morning, etc., 50 to 150 bottles are missing throughout the day, so be careful if more bottles are missing. Hair falls off when it grows to a certain level. This process is called the hair cycle, and just as there is turnover (metabolism) in the skin, there is also a hair cycle in hair growth. If the hair cycle is disturbed, it will not be well-nourished and the growth period will be shortened.

Hair Loss

Normal hair cycle

Hair grows. Growth period (2 to 6 years) ➡ Growth stops. Regression period (2 to 3 weeks) ➡ Hair comes off. Rest period (3-4 months)

Disturbed hair cycle

The period of the "growth period" becomes shorter and the transition of the "rest period" ➡ "growth period" does not go smoothly. As a result, the proportion of "telogen" in which hair falls out increases, causing hair loss and thinning hair. If thinning hair or hair loss becomes noticeable, one of the causes may be that the hair cycle is disturbed. If there are many short hairs that are not growing or fine hairs in the hair loss, there is a high possibility that the growth period is shortened and the hair is lost. There are various causes and incentives for shortening the growth period, but there are lifestyle-related problems, dietary problems, stress, illness, and heredity. Among them, postpartum hair loss is a characteristic of female hair loss. Hair loss after childbirth often begins about 3 months after childbirth, and the period of hair loss lasts for about a year. The number of hair loss per day can be more than double the normal number. Many people may be worried if they fall out like this, but postpartum hair loss is also necessary. During pregnancy, female hormones increase the secretion of female hormones. This female hormone has the function of prolonging the growth period of hair.

2. Causes of hair loss Scalp stains, hair loss due to clogged pores

No matter how effective the hair restorer, treatment, or treatment is, if the scalp (pores) is dirty, it will not penetrate deep into the pores (hair roots and dermal papilla) and no effect can be expected. First of all, it is important to grasp the condition of your scalp (pores) and remove dirt.

3. Causes of hair loss Age-related hair loss

It is a factor that is born as we get older. Recent studies have revealed that one of the causes of hair loss is a "decrease in collagen" and "weakened arrector pili muscle" due to aging. When collagen is decomposed and reduced, pores shrink, and it changes to dandruff and red. If dandruff and red are left as they are, the pores will be clogged and hair loss will progress. When the arrector pili muscles weaken due to aging, the pores shrink and thick hair does not grow, resulting in hair loss.