A thorough investigation of "period x ○ kg"! Everyone's "don't imitate" diet


Around this time, summer is approaching and the clothes are getting lighter. Many people are thinking about dieting, saying, "I'm fat and can't wear a swimsuit!" "I want to lose weight by this day ...!"

 However, if you don't know what kind of diet you should work on for how long, you will be frustrated. Therefore, we surveyed 216 high school students nationwide about "successful diets so far" and "how long and how many kg they lost weight" in detail! 

 From short-term intensive diets to long-term diets, we will introduce the methods that everyone has succeeded in "Period x ○ kg"!

 Some of them are not good if you manage them as they are, so I asked a registered dietitian teacher who is a "healthy diet professional" to explain the points!

Table of Contents 

1. I want to lose a little weight!  2 to 3 kg reduction

・ Reduce 2kg in a few days to a week!

・ 3kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

・ Reduced by 3kg in 1 month to 6 months!

・ 4kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

2. I want to lose weight in an easy-to-understand manner! [Reduced by 5 to 6 kg]

・ 5kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

・ 5kg reduction in 3 months to 6 months!

・ 6-7kg reduction in 1 month to 6 months!

3. I want to lose weight! [8-10kg reduction]

・ 8kg reduction in 3 months to 6 months!

・ 10kg reduction in 3 months to 1 year!

I want to lose a little weight! [2 to 3 kg reduction]
2kg reduction in a few days to a week!

2kg reduction in a few days to a week!

・ "Fasting with a strong will. I was able to lose 2 kg in 3 days ...!"

 ・ "My friend used to consume the best salad fowl for lunch and nighttime. It appears that he out of place 2kg in according to week."

 ・ "I went on an eating regimen with my mom to eat the simplest grapefruit, boiled eggs, and veggies and lost 2 kg per week. If you experience like you are approximately to break your coronary heart, I assume it is a great concept to get involved."・

Some people fast and return to their best weight when they say that they have gained a little weight ... "I will not eat anything for a few days!" However, if you fast inside the incorrect manner, you can turn out to be with a frame that is simple to advantage weight.

 If you want to lose 2kg in a week, you should mainly eat low-calorie foods such as salad chicken, and vegetables, and boiled eggs that are rich in protein.

 If snacking is a habit, why not stop there first?


A good rule of thumb for a healthy diet is to lose 1 kg a month.

 If you fast the wrong way, you may lose weight, but you may not get the nutrients you need and you may feel sick.

 For example, high school girls often run out of iron, which can make them feel tired. It can cause you to fall down due to anemia.

 Also, if your body recognizes that you are starving due to extreme dietary restrictions, you will enter an energy-saving mode in an attempt to consume less energy, and you will not be able to lose weight.

 In addition, if you overdrink and eat under the stress of dietary restrictions, you may cause a rebound.

3kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

3kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

・ "I decided to drink 2 liters of water a day and lost 3 kg in a week. I decided to drink water once an hour and drank it diligently"

・ "I lost 3kg every week with the" soup diet "that best eats soup. I became hungry with water, and I tried to choose various kinds of soup, so it wasn't so clean." 

 ・ "I replaced white rice with porridge and lost 3 kg in 2 weeks. I feel hungry, but I can change the taste with toppings, so I don't get tired of it."

For those who want to lose weight, drink plenty of water to improve metabolism, or replace the staple food with digestible porridge.

 Foods with a lot of water can fill your stomach more than calories, and if you make a "margin" such as "free toppings", you can practice without frustration!


Even if you lose weight in a short period of time, be sure to get enough protein to boost your metabolism and supplement your vitamins with vegetables and fruits.

You may lose weight temporarily by increasing your fluid intake, but it is important to avoid unreasonable dietary restrictions and binge eating to prevent subsequent rebounds.

 Be careful not to lose muscle mass to burn fat and build a lean body.

3kg reduction in 1 month to 6 months!

3kg reduction in 1 month to 6 months!

・ "Stretching push-ups, abs, and squats forty times an afternoon after taking a tub. 3kg less in a month"

・ "Record your weight with the app whilst doing muscle schooling. The recording itself is simple, and I misplaced 3 kg in 3 months" 

・ "For half a year, I recorded what I ate and my weight every day with the app and lost 3 kg. If I overeat, the calorimeter will show" overdose ", so I will always be concerned" 

For those who say, "I don't want to limit my diet too much!", It takes a little time from one month to half a year, but it is also ant to choose a diet centered on exercise such as muscle training.

 If you gain muscle, your body will look tighter even if your weight does not change, and your body fat percentage will decrease, making your body less likely to rebound!

 Also, if you are going on a long-term diet, the "recording diet" that records your weight and calorie intake is also effective.

 If you use the app, you can graph your weight and understand daily changes, which may lead to motivation!


As mentioned above, we recommend a diet that incorporates exercise as well as diet.

Dieting tends to be limited to weight, but if you look good, you can get a beautiful body, and by adding muscles, your metabolism will increase, so you will not get fat easily.

However, with 1 kg of fat and 1 kg of muscle, 1 kg of muscle looks smaller, so when you start building muscle, you feel like you have gained weight. It's a good idea to manage not only your weight but also your body fat percentage.

The recording diet is also recommended because you can check what nutrients are deficient by recording what you eat.

 4kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

4kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!

・ "I eat in the morning and noon, but I try not to eat at night and lose 4kg in 2 weeks. I'm hungry enough to die at night ..."

・ "If I decided to eat only vegetables and spent two weeks, I could lose 4 kg." ・ "I lost 4 kg in a week on a diet that only uses sweet potatoes during the day and night. Sweet potatoes have a lot of dietary fiber and my stomach swells."

To achieve a "4kg reduction" in a short period of time, it seems that quite strict dietary restrictions are required, such as eating only breakfast and narrowing down the foods to be eaten to vegetables.
 A diet that keeps eating one ingredient seems to be strict unless you devise a cooking method and change the taste and texture.


  • It is not recommended to eat the same food for a week or two.
  •  This is because only the same nutrients are taken and biased. The possibility of rebound also comes out great.
  •  Also, skipping breakfast can lead to a chilly lunch or midnight snack, which can be counterproductive. If you want to adjust your diet, it's a good idea to reduce your dinner.
  •  I want to lose weight in an easy-to-understand manner! 
  • 5kg reduction in 1-2 weeks!
・ "If I attempted to devour dried squid in place of carbohydrates, I lost 5 kg every week!"
・ "I reduced all of the meal menus steps by step and misplaced five kg in 2 weeks. When I became hungry, I licked candy" 
・ "If I tried to run for 10 mins every day, I misplaced 5 kg in 2 weeks. It becomes hard due to the fact I did not have enough physical energy, however, I didn't get worn-out because I ran even as taking note of track"
A 5kg weight reduction diet that is easy to understand and is probable to be said to be "thin!" To lose 5 kg in a brief period of time, dietary restrictions together with a food regimen to replace dried squid, which stimulates the satiety middle through chewing properly, and daily exercise appear to be the key factors!


  • To lose 5 kg in a week or two, you need very strict dietary restrictions.
  •  If you don't do it in the right direction, you run the risk of diet-induced anemia, malnutrition, and rebound.
  •  Also, sweets are not nutritious for the body.
  •  To get enough nutrients, it is important to keep in mind a diet that includes staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes before exercising.

 5kg reduction in 3 months to 6 months!

5kg reduction in 3 months to 6 months!

 "If I skipped dinner and weighed every day, I could lose 5 kg in 3 months. I feel less motivated on days when I haven't lost much, but I kept my motivation by imagining that I might be losing tomorrow." 
・ "A diet that reduces the amount of food you eat, weighs every day, and cares about gains and losses, and loses 5 kg in 3 months. If you weigh every day, it is extremely encouraging to lose weight"
・ "I ran in the neighborhood with my friends and lost 5kg in half a year. I think I was able to overcome it because I encouraged each other with my friends" 
To lose about 5kg over 3 months, it is important to record your weight to maintain your motivation!
 By reflecting on and saving the amount of food and calories every day and sweating with aerobic exercise such as running, you will be able to lose weight efficiently!
 Trying with your friends may be a good way to avoid frustration on the way!


  • Don't skip dinner, take it lightly.
  • The amount of energy required for a high school girl per day is about 2050 kcal.
  • People exercising in club activities may need as much as 2550 kcal.
  • To get these, you may need to eat three meals a day, or something plus.
  • If you are still worried about eating dinner, it is a good idea to take a good balance in the morning and lunch and lighten it at night.

 6-7kg reduction in 1 month to 6 months!

6-7kg reduction in 1 month to 6 months!
・ "I didn't intend to go on a diet, but there was" 1 hour running "in the club activities menu, and I lost 6kg in a month. Maybe I couldn't break my heart because I was doing club activities." 
・ "I lost 6kg in half a year with a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet and anaerobic exercise such as muscle training. It will last for a long time if I make a day when I can eat what I like once a week" 

・ "For a month, I tried to cheat with water in the morning and noon, and eat only dinner before 19:00. I was hungry all the time, but I was able to lose 7 kg!"


  • There is a risk of anemia if you eat one meal a day in high school.
  •  For high school girls, it can also cause menstrual irregularities.
  •  Rapid weight loss can be psychologically irritating and can lead to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
  •  Let's never imitate.
  •  If you lose 6 to 7 kg, you need to continue for more than a month, no matter how short.
However, if you try to balance hard dietary restrictions and exercise, not only your physical but also your mental burden will increase, so it is a diet to find a way to take a break that suits you, such as "You can skip once a week." It looks like the secret to success!

I want to lose weight! 
8kg reduction in 3 months to 6 months!

8kg reduction in 3 months to 6 months!
・ "I continued to do muscle training and dance every day and lost 8 kg in half a year. It's hard, but I endured exercising while watching the music video of my favorite idol"
・ "I lost 8kg when I banned snacks for half a year! I want to eat when people around me eat it, but I tried not to think about sweets anyway" 
・ "Weighing diligently, banning carbohydrates, and losing 8 kg in half a year. I wanted to eat rice, but I told him that I'm afraid of getting fat." 

As a result, 5 out of 6 people who succeeded in dieting as much as 8 kg spend about half a year.
 To lose weight significantly, it seems necessary to continue exercising, dieting, and weight recording for more than half a year.
 To stay motivated for a long time, you also need cooperation (?) Of your favorite idol and the technique of manipulating your thoughts !?


  • It's very difficult to stay motivated on a long-term diet.
  •  It is very important to find something that will motivate you as described above.
  •  As you go on a diet, it may be difficult to lose weight no matter how much you restrict your diet or exercise.
  •  This is called the "stagnation period" when the body stops losing weight anymore.
  •  A common behavior at such times is a pattern of desperation and rebound from overdrinking and eating.
  •  Setting diet goals and staying motivated may be the key to a successful long-term diet so that you don't break your mind.

10kg reduction in 3 months to 1 year!

10kg reduction in 3 months to 1 year!

・ "You can eat in the morning, but I tried not to eat much during the day and night and lost 10kg in 3 months (!). I was about to lose the temptation, but I did my best"
・ "I didn't eat between meals, I reduced the amount of food, and lost 10 kg over a year! It was hard for me to refuse even if people around me recommended me to eat ..." 
In this survey, "10 kg" was the most weight lost.
If you don't have strong mental strength, it will be difficult to lose 10kg, such as continuing to eat only in the morning for 3 months or limiting food and sweets for 1 year.
 However, if you have the ideal body shape that you have worked hard to get, you may feel like "It's a waste to rebound with this!" And you may be able to continue steadily after that !?


If you lose as much as 10 kg in 3 months, there is a risk that you may become fat easily or cause anemia due to rapid weight loss.
The ideal pace is to drop 1kg in a month.
First of all, it is important to review your current diet and understand whether you have wasted snacks and whether you can eat vegetables and fruits.
This survey revealed various diets, such as how to lose a few kilograms by fasting for a few days, and how to lose nearly 10 kilograms by exercising and restricting diet for half a year. Regarding this result, let's go on a reasonable diet while meeting your desire to lose weight by ○ kg!