Why women need health support

The growing interest in health management

What is "health management"?

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From the perspective that "health of employees leads to the profit margin of the company," attention is focused on "health management," in which companies strategically practice employee health management. It is expected that the healthy work of employees will improve vitality and productivity, revitalize the organization, and as a result, improve business performance and corporate value.

The government has also supported the promotion, and as an award system, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry has jointly selected listed companies engaged in health management with the Tokyo Stock Exchange as "health management stocks" since 2014 and has not been listed since 2016. We have started the "Health Management Excellent Corporation Certification System" for corporations such as companies and medical corporations.

Background and benefits of health management

The background to the attention of health management is the labor shortage due to the rapidly declining birthrate and aging population, and the aging of employees. To make up for the labor shortage, it is essential that each and every employee of all ages work in good health and motivation. In a healthy and comfortable workplace, productivity will increase and retention will increase. This is also an important advantage from the perspective of securing long-term human resources.

On the other hand, death from overwork due to long working hours, suicide, etc. are attracting attention as social problems, and the high occupational accidents and turnover rate of employees due to long working hours (so-called black companies) significantly damage the corporate image and pose a great risk to the company. It has become. Working on health management leads to an improvement in the corporate image.

In addition, healthy workers and lower morbidity reduce the burden of corporate social insurance premiums.

Employee health support is not a "cost" because it is expected that working on health management will bring benefits such as securing long-term human resources, improving productivity, improving the corporate image, and reducing the burden of insurance premiums. , Is considered an "investment" in the future.

In response to this situation, women's health support is drawing more attention

From fiscal 2018, we will prioritize women's health in selecting health management brands, and in the questionnaire of the "Health Management Survey" conducted for companies, there will be specific question items regarding women's specific health issues. It was included. Click here for details on health management (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)

Changes in the situation of working women and their impact on the workplace

The increasing number of working women

With the advancement of women into society, the proportion of women in the labor force exceeds 40%. The situation surrounding women has changed drastically, such as an increase in the number of years of service of women, an increase in the age of first marriage and first birth, a decrease in the number of births in life, and an increase in life expectancy, and the working styles of women have become diverse.

Until now, corporate health support has focused on male-based measures, such as measures against metabolic syndrome to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Now that the number of women working in the workplace is increasing and their activities are expected to increase, health support for female employees is becoming an important issue for companies.

Women's specific health issues

Women's specific health issues

It has also become clear that when compared with men and women, the illnesses that are likely to occur are different, and even if the same illness is the same, the age, condition, and treatment method that are likely to occur may differ. Women, in particular, are more susceptible to large fluctuations in female hormones throughout puberty, sexual maturity, menopause, old age, and life. In addition, there are various health issues peculiar to women, such as menstruation starting from teenagers, pregnancy and childbirth, and gynecologic cancer, which has an increasing morbidity rate from the younger generation. Until now, companies have not been very aware of these women-specific health issues.

Impact on workplaces due to women's unique health issues

According to a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry * 2, about 50% of female employees "have had trouble at work" due to health issues peculiar to women, and about 40% of female employees have health issues peculiar to women. "I have had the experience of having to give up something at work." In a survey of working women, women responded that menstrual symptoms and illnesses, menopausal symptoms, and disorders affect work efficiency, while higher health literacy is associated with menstrual and menopausal disorders. It has also been reported that the rate of decline in work performance is low.

It is a loss not only for women but also for businesses that women's unique health issues reduce work productivity, and that some women get promoted or take on responsible jobs and give up their desired careers.

Benefits of supporting women's health

Benefits of supporting women's health

Regardless of whether or not there are health issues, it is important for women to continue working through life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, and to support their health so that they can demonstrate their abilities. There are also survey results such as "Women who are confident in their health are confident that they will continue to work longer" and "Women who are confident in their health have less experience in considering layoffs" * 4. It is expected to have the effect of preventing and increasing confidence and motivation for work.

In addition, now that the Law for Promotion of Women's Advancement has been enforced and the promotion of women's advancement in companies is required, supporting women's health brings benefits such as securing long-term human resources and improving productivity for companies. At the same time, it is expected that it will lead to career advancement and promotion of managerial positions based on the retention of human resources. With the declining birthrate and aging population, the shortage of human resources is deepening, and women's health support is an indispensable initiative to promote the active participation of women, which is expected to increase.

A workplace where women can work comfortably leads to a workplace where both men and women can work comfortably. By supporting the health of women, please work to create a workplace where everyone can work in a healthy and lively manner.