A simple 7-day vegetarian diet

vegetarian diet

" Lose weight in the traditional way "

I want to increase the success rate of dieting as much as possible! For such people, we will serialize a super-practical diet course. The first is a vegetarian diet with many practitioners among Hollywood stars.

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It turns out that there are surprisingly many people who think that vegetarians lose weight. Perhaps because of this, more and more people in the United States are shifting to vegetarians, especially celebrities. Some people say that they are vegetarian, but some people eat chicken and fish, while others thoroughly avoid animality in clothing and things.

There are different styles of vegetarians, and each person has different choices. So will you really lose weight if you become a vegetarian? So this time, I interviewed the main types of vegetarians and 3 groups of vegetarians and summarized each one.

Main types of vegetarians, First of all, there are different types of vegetarians, and the names differ depending on the stage. It is summarized below.

Vegetarian name Meat Fish Egg Milk product Honey Main features Semi-vegetarian Less vegetarian chicken vegetable Do not eat meat other than chicken Pescatrian eat meat I don't eat seafood, but I eat Lacto vegetarian I eat eggs and dairy products Obo vegetarian I eat eggs Lacto vegetarian I eat dairy products Dietary Vegan Plants Only vegetarian foods are consumed, but it is OK for clothing to contain animal products. Oriental vegan * Ingest vegetable foods that look into the five vegans Vegan Avoid animal products in all clothing, food, and shelter Low hoodist, Cook, at 45-47 ℃ or less, which is rich in enzymes Eat macrobiotic food based on yin and yang Frutharian  Basically, mainly fruits and nuts * Reference magazine Vegan* Vegetarians It's basically a vegetarian diet. * What is vegan? The food that vegans do not eat is called Sanengo-Kun, and vegetarians who do not eat Sanengo-Kun (meat, birds, fish) and five chives.

The following is a summary of the pros and cons of vegetarians and the author's own. As with all things, there is no such thing as "this is the correct answer." Please keep it as a reference.

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When you become a busy member of society, your eating habits will be disturbed, and many people will say, "Well, I have belly meat on my belt ...".

However, even if I know it in my head, it's a sad person's nature to be invited by the smell of greasy ramen to enter the store.

There are various articles that mention health, but this time I have summarized the typical "vegetarian".

You may hear people say, "No, all vegetables ... it's extremely extreme ...", but after experiencing it for a month, my consciousness about food was completely overturned.

Until now, when I say "diet", I lose a few kilograms without eating stoically, and I feel relieved that "I did it! I lost weight!" And rebounded in reaction ... I think that many people have repeated this. I will. This time, I would like to introduce examples of diet menus and recipes that focus on "creating a constitution that makes it easy to lose weight" by eating and increasing metabolism while introducing the ingredients and how to eat. If you find a menu you like, why not give it a try for a week? Created March 25, 2019.

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It's Rinne who lost 10 kg in a year while fighting the side effects of SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), which is a chronic disease.

As a person with systemic lupus erythematosus, I tend to gain weight due to the side effects of drugs (steroids).

Concerned about this, I have tried various diets.

  • At first, I practiced a vegetarian diet (loose macrobiotics), and my physical condition improved and I felt refreshed.
  • However, after about two years, I gradually became ill and lost my courage, and my skin became dry!
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  • In this article, I'd like to introduce you to the 7-day (1 week) fat-burning soup diet method and menu, as well as two things to keep in mind.
  • This method seems to be easy to adopt in that it is effective even if it is not combined with exercise therapy, but there are relatively strict restrictions on what you eat.
  • It's a famous diet that the entertainer Yu Yamada went on.
  • 7 days (1 week) Fat-burning soup diet, also known as tomato soup diet, is a one-week limited-time diet method based on vegetable soup made based on tomatoes.
  • Recently, I feel that my internal organs are not working well!
  • "Even with a refreshing meal, heartburn!"
  • "Suffocating, stuffy throat!"
  • "Always feeling tired"

" Lose weight in the traditional way "