If you feed with yourself, 80 percent of the health problems of women will be solved.

women's health problems

There is always a lack of blood in women, whether pregnant or in general. Problems like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, obesity are now common. There are many reasons behind these diseases. But there is another major reason for all those reasons, which is probably the root of the whole problem.

It is not the disciplining of women's food. Experts report that the condition of eight out of every 10 households in the village or city is that women do not eat on time and even if they do not take a complete diet. The special thing is that the men of these houses also have no meaning at what time the women of their house ate and what they ate.

According to experts, in every household, men should pay attention only to the food of the women, feed them with them, then 80 percent of the health problems of women will be solved. This very small effort can definitely bring a big change.

What is Report:

  • Women are sick due to not taking food on time and in full
  • The truth of every household is not serious about the food of women at home.
  • Anemia out of every 10 women in the district, and many more diseases
  • Anemia is the biggest problem

A report by the National Family Health Survey says that 68.1 percent of pregnant women in Gaya have anemia (anemia), while 61.8 percent of women in the normal condition have the same condition. Experts say that the habit of women not eating has created such a situation. Due to not eating on time and not getting a proper diet, blood loss occurs first.

It is because of this that there is a complication in delivery. The child who is born is malnourished. Mother also remains ill throughout her life. Institutes working on health issues say that 39% of women in Bihar have chronic energy deficiency. They are physically very weak. The reason is the same, complete, balanced, and timely diet is not available.

What to do man

  1. The women of the house must tell to have breakfast in the morning.
  2. Try to have lunch and dinner together.
  3. Do not ignore the health problems of women.
  4. Be sure to include green vegetables, milk, fruits in their diet.
  5. Discuss at home, know their needs, and try to fulfill them.
  6. ... then the situation will change

Mumtaz Karim, an infant and mother dietician, says that if men make a small effort in every house, the whole situation will change. Be sure to pay attention to the food of the women of your household. He told that whenever women come with their husbands in counseling to him, he first asks the same question to her husband. According to Mumtaz, three men out of every five admit that they do not really care what their wife is eating and when.

These are three men who are educated and are doing a good job in the city. Mumtaz says that when this is the condition of the cities, then the situation of the village can be understood. He said that women wake up in the morning and drink tea on an empty stomach and after that, they get involved in household work. It is noon to do everything.

During this time, gas starts to form in their stomach. In the afternoon she eats food directly. After this, digestive problems begin. In this way, the entire routine is broken. The amount of calories you want is not available. In such a situation, lack of blood and getting sick is certain.

Some important things related to diet

A normal woman needs 1800 to 2000 calories every day. It is very important to include 18 ml of iron, 50 grams of protein, 20 grams of fat, and 400 mg of potassium. At the same time, a pregnant woman needs 27 milligrams of iron, 65 grams of protein, and 1000 milligrams of calcium. A woman who is breastfeeding a child after delivery should include 27 milligrams of iron, 75 mg protein, and 1000 mg calcium in her diet.

Must include them in food


In gram, lentils, almonds, cashews, cereals and peas, meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, buttermilk, fruits, etc., protein is found in sufficient quantity.


Green is found in vegetables, milk, curd, buttermilk, paneer, etc. Therefore, adequate intake should be taken.


Green vegetables, cereals, bread, beans, green beans of peas, and dry fruits.


Rice, wheat, milk products, butter, fruits, fresh vegetables, lemons, poultry, tomatoes, peas, beans, lentils


Rice, wheat, millet, sugar, honey, jaggery, sweet fruits (raisins, dates, grapes).

Problems due to lack of complete and timely diet

Anemia, menstrual disturbances and irregularities, problems during pregnancy and reproduction, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, malnutrition, obesity

The situation becomes clear in Counseling

Jyoti Kumari, Counselor for Infant Young Child Feeding, UNICEF's plan, says that on the 9th of every month in Prabhavati Hospital, a health check-up camp is organized for women under the central government scheme. He told that most of the women who come here are anemic. Whether she is pregnant or breastfeeding. During counseling, it becomes clear that one is not aware of food and drink.

Second, what is she eating? Nobody monitors it. The counselor also referred to an incident in the camp that took place last month. He told that after examining a pregnant woman, when the hospital management gave her juice to drink, she gave the juice to her husband yellow. Asked if she would not drink. When an officer of the hospital asked more, the woman gave a silent approval to the fact that she never asked her husband to drink juice and neither did the husband try. This is a small example of ground reality.