How to be smart (attractive)?

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 According to the old times, today's era has changed a lot. Nowadays, as much as people have started paying attention to their personality and good looking, they would hardly give it to anything else. Because nowadays the introduction of a person gives more personality than his ability. Nowadays, everything else is seen later, the personality and behavior of the person are seen first.

That's why nowadays everyone wants to make himself smart. But in today's era, the definition of being smart has changed a bit. Today smart people are needed in every field, whether it is a corporate office or a normal job. Here smartness does not mean physical appearance and beauty. Those times were different when the beauty of people is considered their smart.

As of today, smartness means being intelligent, agile, quick-witted, agile, up to date, well maintained, and neat. Smartness has nothing to do with your beauty and your complexion. Smart simply means that an alert, aware and active person wearing clean and good clothes, who can do all the work without exhaustion.

Really smart is not a person who is beautiful only in appearance, but being smart is related to your good habits, good thinking, and right way of doing things. But not everyone knew that much about it. So today we are giving you some tips to be smart and look smart. With the help of which you too can bring a change in your personality. So let's know how to become smart or how to become smart?

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How To Be Smart (Tips To Be Attractive)?

To become smart and attractive, you have to take special care of some things. Below we are telling you about them:

How to Be Attractive – Be Confident:

The first hallmark of a smart person is his confidence. If you lack confidence then you will not be able to define yourself among people due to which people will start judging you. Whereas if you will be full of confidence then its effect will be equally visible in both your face and your work.

Improvement in getting up and walking:

Although everyone would have their own way for these three, if you want to be attractive and smart, then for that you have to bring some changes in them. Because the way you walk, get up and sit works to increase your physical smartness.

Pay attention to clothes:

The first sign of a smart person is that he always wears clean and nice clothes. Because your first impression also comes from your clothes. If you go out wearing dirty clothes without pressing, then the person in front will hesitate to talk to you, whereas if you are wearing clean smelling and nice clothes then everyone will consider you well maintained.

have to give. For this, boys should shave regularly, keep nails and hair fine, pay attention to cleaning teeth, if your body smells of sweat, then use lemon or mint soap as well as deodorant/perfume, etc. Always keep shoes, sandals, slippers clean, if there is polish on them, then use polish. Always wear socks by changing them, do not wear the same stocking every day. Take a bath daily

Take decisions with your mind:

Friends, your mind also plays a big role in becoming smart. Because really smart is made by the mind itself. If you do everything thoughtfully and rightly, no one will be able to call it wrong, no matter how you look. But if you are beautiful in appearance and you always do things in reverse then no one will care about you. So play your mind and always take maturity and wise decisions.

How to Become Smart – Staying fit is also important:

To become smart, it is necessary to have health along with other things. Because if a person has good health, then his personality has a double impression. Therefore, along with a good mind, pay attention to your health and fitness as well. Exercise daily and eat healthy things and not outside.

Keep smiling:

By wearing good clothes, you will enhance your physical beauty by getting ready, but if there is no smile on the face, then this beauty will not be of any use. So always be happy, this will also make the environment around you happy. Try to make others happy as well as yourself. Believe me, everyone looks very beautiful and smart while smiling.

Other ways to become smart:

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are also some tips with the help of which you can become smart.

  • Have faith in God.
  • Inspire the people around you and learn from the good things yourself.
  • Have a spirit of cooperation.
  • Don't keep hatred towards anyone.
  • Avoid lying as much as possible.
  • Don't pretend to be false in front of anyone.
  • Always give respect to others, whether it is small or big.
  • Keep smiling Don't be upset
  • Avoid tension.
  • Don't talk loudly.
  • Keep yourself fit so that your personality also improves.
  • So these were some general tips with the help of which you can become smart.